5 years experience in epidermoid and dermoid cysts: case presentation and literature review

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Introduction: Intracranial epidermoid and dermoid cysts are the result of an embryogenesis dysfunction leading to an abnormal migration of ectodermal cells characterised by a slow and benign rate of growth which is associated with minimal neurological symptoms in large or giant tumors.

Materials and methods: We retrospectively reviewed the case files of 17 patients with epidermoid and dermoid cysts operated using the operative microscope and neuronavigation in our department between January 2011 and December 2015.

Results: Reviewing the case files we selected fourteen patients with epidermoid cysts and 3 patients with dermoid cysts who underwent surgical resection. Most of the cysts were located infratentorial (64%) with a propensity for the CP angle (81%). Total resection was attempted in all cases but was possible in only 13 cases. All cases with subtotal resection were infratentorially located in close relation to the brainstem or cranial nerves.

Conclusion: When the tumor extension reaches beyond the limits of the surgical approach used, the tumor remnant should be addressed in a second surgery. Using the cysternal anatomy and the vessels dissection technique the risks aseptic meningitis and of injuring the cranial nerves are diminished.

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