Intramedullary Mature Teratoma of Cervical Spine in an Infant: A Rare Case Report

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Spinal Teratomas are rare tumor and cervical intramedullary location in infancy still rarer. Only eleven cases of cervical intramedullary teratoma in pediatric patients is reported in available literature (1, ll). We are reporting a case of an infant presenting with cervical mature teratoma with associated dysraphism, adding the next in this rare case series. Arising as a result of dysembryogenesis, these lesions by virtue of their content are difficult to diagnose preoperatively. Heterogeneous intensities on MRI produced by intralesional lipomatous and osseous elements are helpful but rarely enough to diagnose the tumor. Histology is confirmatory. Mature teratomas generally have good prognosis and a timely intervention can prevent further neurological deterioration. However a strict clinical and radiological follow up is recommended.

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