Lean Concept in Small and Medium Enterprises

Zorana Tanasić 1 , Goran Janjić 1  and Borut Kosec 2
  • 1 University of Banja Luka, 78 000, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • 2 University of Ljubljana, 1000, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The Lean concept is recognisable by how fast innovations are implemented and production processes are improved. Likewise, analysis of the implementation of Lean concepts so far has shown that Lean methods and tools cannot be applied to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the same measure as they can be applied to large enterprises.

This paper aims to present a critical review of the implementation of Lean concepts in SMEs with the claim that Lean concept can be successfully applied in all branches of industry, provided that the Lean concept is fully understood, and it’s meaning, principles and practice. Given that SMEs have limited resources, they often face difficulties during the implementation of all Lean tools and methods.

Depending on the type of improvement in Kaizen activities, the Poka Yoke and Jidoka tools should be applied. Every improvement in the production process needs to be standardised as soon as possible so that the processes can become more continuous and efficient.

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