Geo-electrical assessment of coefficient of permeability and porosity of leachate plume at Asin dumpsite, Iwaro-oka, southwestern Nigeria

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An integrated geophysical (involving two-dimensional [2D] electrical resistivity) and petrophysical study was conducted in the Precambrian Crystalline Basement area of Iwaro-oka Akoko, southwestern Nigeria. Five 2D resistivity profiles, both around the perimeters and inside the dump, were investigated with maximum lengths of 100 m. Results of the resistivity imaging delineated the leachate plumes as low-resistivity zones, with values ranging from 3 Ω m to 55 Ω m. The coefficient of permeability ranged from 4.33 × 10-6 to 7.82 × 10-3, and the average porosity ranged from 32 Ω m to 169 Ω m, thus indicating migration of leachate plume to the groundwater due to the high coefficient of permeability and the porosity.

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