Ellipse, hyperbola and their conjunction

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This article presents a simple analysis of cones which are used to generate a given conic curve by section by a plane. It was found that if the given curve is an ellipse, then the locus of vertices of the cones is a hyperbola. The hyperbola has foci which coincidence with the ellipse vertices. Similarly, if the given curve is the hyperbola, the locus of vertex of the cones is the ellipse. In the second case, the foci of the ellipse are located in the hyperbola’s vertices. These two relationships create a kind of conjunction between the ellipse and the hyperbola which originate from the cones used for generation of these curves. The presented conjunction of the ellipse and hyperbola is a perfect example of mathematical beauty which may be shown by the use of very simple geometry. As in the past the conic curves appear to be very interesting and fruitful mathematical beings.

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