Using the Industrial Wastes in the Base Layer of Pavement

Lixandru Cătălina Georgiana 1 , Dicu Mihai 2  and Andrei Bogdan 3
  • 1 Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest,
  • 2 Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest,
  • 3


This paper evaluates the possibility of using artificial aggregates from blast furnace slag, considered industrial waste, which can replace, in a certain dosage, the natural aggregates in the composition of an AB 22,4 asphalt mixture. Furthermore, it is presented the possibility to replace the usual filler with powders from industrial wastes such as the desulphurization waste, generated by the combustion of the energetic coal.

Laboratory studies and researches are carried out according to prescribed techniques. For this purpose, for the evaluation of the performance of the asphalt mixture recipes will be evaluated by static and dynamic tests as described in AND 605: 2016.

The results of this study show the possibility of using asphalt mixtures with different dosages of industrial wastes in composition.

The results obtained from the laboratory tests have shown that materials from industrial waste can be used in the design of asphalt mixtures with the purpose of replacing natural materials, used in certain dosages, which demonstrates good behavior in interaction with the usual bituminous binder.

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