Additive Percent Influence on “Warm Mix” Behavior


The benefits of WMA technologies include reduced fuel usage and emissions in support of sustainable development, improved field compaction, which can facilitate longer haul distances and cool weather pavement, and better working conditions. Since this is a relatively new technology, it is necessary to determine the behavior and the performances of this type of asphalt mixture depending on additive percent.

These technologies tend to reduce the viscosity of the asphalt and provide for the complete coating of aggregates at lower temperatures. WMA is produced at temperatures 20 to 30°C lower than typical hot-mix asphalt (HMA).

The paper presents the results obtained in the Road Laboratory of Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest on an asphalt mixture with fibers (MASF16) prepared according to the “warm mix” technology with chemical additive. Different percent of additive are used in laboratory to draw up the “master curves” of asphalt mixture obtained by 4PB-PR stiffness modulus results.

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