Bleeding angiomatous polyps of the maxillary sinus: Review of literature and a rare case report

Padmanabhan Karthikeyan 1 , Sneha Mary Joy 1 , Davis Thomas Pulimootil 1  und Neelima Vijayan 1
  • 1 Department of ENT, Pondicherry


ENT surgeons frequently encounter a variety of neoplastic, non-neoplastic and inflammatory masses involving the nasal cavity, the paranasal sinuses or the nasopharynx. Among these, the angiomatous polyp or angiectatic nasal polyps are rare and account for 4-5% of all inflammatory nasal polyps. They have variable growth patterns and clinical features. In angiomatous nasal polyps, there is a prominent component of dilated capillary-type blood vessels. We present a review of the literature regarding the most important features of this pathology and an unusual case of a large angiomatous polyp arising from the maxillary sinus.

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