Odontogenic suppurative rhinosinusitis with oculo-orbital and cerebral complications - case series

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BACKGROUND. Odontogenic rhinosinusal suppurations have a high potential for major ocular-orbital and cerebral complications because of the presence of anaerobic bacteria flora, with continuity, contiguity and haematogenous propagation mechanisms. This pathology is often diagnosed in other departments than ENT such as ophthalmology, neurosurgery or OMF surgery.

MATERIAL AND METHODS. We present three clinical cases of odontogenic rhinosinusal suppurations with major complications: a 36-year-old patient with odontogenic pansinusitis complicated with orbital phlegmon and cerebral frontal lobe abscess; a 19-year-old patient with complicated maxillary-ethmoidal-frontal sinusitis complicated with frontal subdural empyema and frontal bone osteomyelitis (with a history of craniofacial trauma one year before); a 66-year-old patient with odontogenic maxillary-ethmoidal sinusitis complicated with orbital apex syndrome.

RESULTS. The treatment was surgical, by external approach, with endoscopic nasal control, in interdisciplinary teams. We have associated massive antibiotic therapy. Surgical drainage for complicated rhinosinusitis should be done in emergency, within the first 24 hours after admission, according to guidelines. The bacteriological examination for aerobic and anaerobic flora can guide the diagnosis - two cases associated maxillo-ethmoidal aspergilloma lesions. The evolution of the cases was favourable.

CONCLUSION. Interdisciplinary teams have successfully solved these complicated odontogenic rhinosinusal suppurations. Two of the cases were admitted and cured within 2 weeks, in the context of very hot weather, which exacerbated dormant dental infections.

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