Some forensic aspects of the nasal septal deformities

Ranko Mladina 1 , Neven Skitarelić 2 , 3 , Cemal Cingi 4 , and Nuray Bayar Muluk 5
  • 1 The Board of Surgical Sciences, Croatian Academy of Medical Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia
  • 2 Department of Health Studies, University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia
  • 3 Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia
  • 4 ENT Head and Neck Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Eskisehir, Turkey
  • 5 ENT Head and Neck Surgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Kirikkale University, Kirikkale, Turkey


OBJECTIVES. We reviewed the foreign aspects in nasal septal deformities.

MATERIAL AND METHODS. Mladina classification of the nasal septal deformities was used.

RESULTS. Types 5 and 6 have been dominantly inherited. The mechanism of the onset and possible connection to the trauma against the nose, as well as clinical implications of the remaining four types of the nasal septal deformities, have been explained and described in detail, giving the court expert witnesses the excellent opportunity to make a reliable and valuable finding.

CONCLUSION. Type 5 and type 6 nasal septal deformities are never the consequence of the trauma against the nose. In most of the cases, this also concerns type 3. This type as well as type 7 require the latero-lateral and anterior-posterior X-rays of the nasal bones in cases when the nasal pyramid is concurrently deformed. Types 1 and 2 in most of the cases are connected to trauma against the nose.

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