“Cahul” ozonated mineral water in the treatment of experimentally induced chronic rhinosinusitis

Viorica Chistruga-Blajin 1  and Sandul Alexandru 1
  • 1 Department of Otorhinolaryngology of the “Nicolae Testemitanu” State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova


BACKGROUND. Chronic maxillary sinusitis is a frequently encountered pathology, resistant to treatment, which can cause significant economic losses. Considering these aspects, it is necessary to develop new methods of treatment.

OBJECTIVE. The purpose of this study was to assess the therapeutic efficacy of the “Cahul” ozonated mineral water in the treatment of experimentally induced chronic rhinosinusitis and its action on the mucosa of the maxillary sinus.

MATERIAL AND METHODS. The experimental study was conducted on a group of 14 chinchilla rabbits, aged between 8 and 12 months, weighing 2.5-3.0 kg, kept in vivarium conditions. In the first stage of the study, chronic rhinosinusitis was induced. 3 months after, maxillary antrostomy in the medial wall was performed on all animals included in the study; the intervention was performed under general anesthesia. The rabbits were divided into two groups. The rabbits enrolled in the study group underwent daily inhalations and maxillary sinus lavage with the “Cahul” ozonated mineral water. In the control group, inhalations and lavage were performed with 0.9% NaCl solution. Efficacy of the treatment was assessed observing the clinical character of the pathology. On days 2, 5 and 9 of the experiment, endoscopic and histological examinations were performed.

RESULTS. On the ninth day of treatment, if in the study group the appearance of the sinus mucosa was almost normal, in the control group, the histological examination revealed: epithelial hyperplasia, cylindrical cell hyperplasia, thickening of the basement membrane and lymphocyte infiltration. Mucosal fragments harvested after 5 days revealed submucosal fibrosis, leukocyte infiltration in the control group being more pronounced than in the study group.

CONCLUSION. Maxillary sinus lavage with the “Cahul” ozonated mineral water improves mucociliary clearance and stimulates regeneration of affected cells.

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