Romanian Allergology in the actual European context

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Allergic diseases represent an important health problem in the most of developed countries, due to continuous increasing prevalence, with significant individual and social consequences. Allergic diseases may raise serious problems in clinical practice, derived from complexity of clinical forms and mechanisms and from rising incidence of severe cases, with high fatality risk. Taking into consideration the dramatic increase of all allergies forms during the last decades, they are considered a real “epidemic” of the XXIst century, being classified by the World Health Organization as the fourth most frequent chronic diseases. The European authorities pay more attention to allergic diseases in last years and discuss the actual situation of the allergology specialty in different countries, with the aim of harmonization and improvement of medical assistance in this field. The aim of this paper is presentation of some relevant aspects of allergology specialty and practice in our country in the actual European context, mainly unmet needs and difficulties, taking into consideration recommendations and priorities recently issued by European authorities. We hope for a better recognition of the specialty and improved interdisciplinary collaboration.

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