A Comparative Assessment of Serum Vitamin C and Serum Lead Among Periodontitis and Diabetic Patient

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Background and Aims: Pre and post-operative nutritional status are not often tested on a consistent basis when patients are analyzed and diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM) or have chronic periodontitis. Thus, this study pursues to evaluate the predictive value of serum vitamin C and lead levels in this population at baseline and after periodontal treatment.

Materials and Methods: In an interventional study setting we enrolled 120 subjects which were later categorized into four sub-groups: set 1 – individuals with chronic periodontitis, set 2 – individuals with T2DM, set 3 – individuals with T2DM and chronic periodontitis respectively set 4 - healthy individuals as control group. Scaling and root planing was performed only to individuals with periodontitis and T2DM. At baseline and 21 days after periodontitis treatment blood was obtained from the subjects and analysis of serum vitamin C and serum lead was done and data obtained was statisticaly analysed.

Results: ANOVA test showed baseline values of both the parameters to be statistically significant different between groups and within groups (p<0.001). Alteration was seen in the parameters postoperatively regarding serum vitamin C was increased and lead level decreased; paired t-test showed statistically significant difference (p<0.001).

Conclusion: Serum Vitamin C can be considered a key biomarker. Increased lead level can be a risk factor for commencement and progression of T2DM and chronic periodontitis.

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