The Creation Narratives in the Western and Greek-Orthodox Theology of the 20th Century

Alexandra Palantza 1
  • 1 PhD, Lector of Biblical Theology at Theological School of Athens University. Adress: Theological School of Athens University, University Campus, 157 72 Athens, Greece;


The Book of Genesis offers not only to Israel but also to its neighbors the reason for their existence1. In western theological thought, W. Eichrodt’s Theology of the Old Testament and Cl. Westermann’s Commentary on Genesis are two of the most important works, which are distinguished because of their method and the expression of their theological perspectives on the topic “creation narratives”. In contrast to Western theologians, Greek-Orthodox Theologians inherited their tradition of interpretation from the Church Fathers. Eastern Theology has seen the topic of interpreting the Bible as an unbreakable whole, containing God’s word and action for the salvation of humankind. Any differences between them are caused by another perspective and ecclesiastical tradition.

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