Possibilities Of Using Innovative Sources Of Information On Real Estate In The Spatial Data Collection Process

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The register of land and buildings is an essential source of information on real estate. The use of cadastral data in land management is manifold, starting from spatial planning, through the calculation of taxes, the designation of real estate in land and mortgage registers, and finally, in real estate management. The accuracy of information from public records, i.e. the register of land and buildings, obtained by entities managing property has a direct impact on the correctness of the conducted processes of land management. Data necessary to determine the position of boundaries of cadastral parcels are taken from surveying documentation accepted into the national geodetic and cartographic resource database. If there is no such documentation, or the data contained therein are not reliable, information on the boundaries of cadastral parcels are obtained by means of field or photogrammetric surveys, preceded by the determination of the course of these boundaries.

The present article analyzes the requirements of legislature regarding real estate data contained in the register of land and buildings. The possibility of capturing such information using an innovative method of laser scanning was also identified and tested. The object of the research was a fragment of the Old Town in Cracow, which had previously been covered by classical surveying. Based on the national geodetic control points and in relation to the National Spatial Reference System, with reference to GNSS, surveys of buildings arranged in a compact development were performed with a terrestrial laser scanner in order to compare the accuracy of determining real estate boundaries using these two methods. Possibilities of collecting data on the developed real properties that could be incorporated into the 3D cadastre in the future were identified and the quality of the obtained information was rated.

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