Thoracobiliary fistulas: literature review and a case report of fistula closure with omentum majus

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Background. Thoracobiliary fistulas are pathological communications between the biliary tract and the bronchial tree (bronchobiliary fistulas) or the biliary tract and the pleural space (pleurobiliary fistulas).

Review of the literature. We have reviewed aetiology, pathogenesis, predilection formation points, the clinical picture, diagnostic possibilities, and therapeutic options for thoracobiliary fistulas.

Case report. A patient with an iatrogenic bronchobiliary fistula which developed after radiofrequency ablation of a colorectal carcinoma metastasis of the liver is present. We also describe the closure of the bronchobiliary fistula with the greater omentum as a possible manner of fistula closure, which was not reported previously according to the knowledge of the authors.

Conclusions. Newer papers report of successful non-surgical therapy, although the bulk of the literature advocates surgical therapy. Fistula closure with the greater omentum is a possible method of the thoracobiliary fistula treatment.

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