Areas of Artistic Education in Early Education: Theoretical References


The article describes conceptual aspects related to the artistic tendencies in preschool education.The realization of this process is presented by operating with the concepts of the famous occidental, Russian and local scientists. One of the ideas characteristic to the scientists’ pedagogical thinking is that in the process of formation/development of the child through arts, the child is submitting the objects and phenomena to his/her previously acquired assimilation schemes. To insure integrity in the practical way of the early education, the methodology we are proposingis based on a research, a significant theoretical network ofsuccessful pedagogical practicesof word known scientists. The analyzed theories are a source of inspiration and constitute the theoretical universe which contributes to as-truthful-as-possible preschool educationof the child.Early education is the most important period in one’s life through the sustainable consequences it has on his/her ultimate development.

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