Poznań Theological Studies

Poznańskie Studia Teologiczne

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"Poznań Theological Studies" is the journal of the Faculty of Theology at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. It publishes the scientific contributes in Theology of the professors of the Faculty and others polish and international authors. The area of interest is widely considered: in addition to issues related to the canon of theological treateses (biblical, dogmatic, fundamental and moral theology), the yearbook publishes also interdisciplinary texts which includes questions from the border of theology and other sciences (philosophy, social sciences, psychology).

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Nawracała Tomasz, WT UAM, Poznań

Managing Editor
Stelmach Dawid, WT UAM, Poznań

Editorial Advisory Board
P. Wygralak – WT UAM
A. Pryba – WT UAM
A. Kalbarczyk – WT UAM
M. Makarowicz – WT UAM
M. Polak – WT UAM

Language Editors
M. Makarowcz, WT UAM Poznań (pl)
W. Hoyer (de)
A. Kalbarczyk, WT UAM, Poznań (de)
W. F. Mahoney (en)
R. Stachewicz (en)
M. Wiertlewska (en)
L. Mirri (it)
F. E. R. Virguez (es)
P. Delacombaz (fr)

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