Acute Thyroiditis Associated with Brucellosis: A Case Report

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Brucella thyroiditis represents an extremely rare focal form of brucellosis. In this case report we describe a 55 years old male, diagnosed with brucellosis and peripheral arthritis with subsequent development of acute thyroiditis. The symptoms duration consistent with brucellosis started two weeks before establishing the diagnosis. Only a day after diagnosis and initiation of antibrucellar treatment, acute non-suppurative thyroiditis suddenly manifested. Thyroiditis was diagnosed with clinical inspection and confirmed by ultrasound investigation. With the appropriate antibrucellar treatment, complete cure of thyroid affection was reached in ten days and the patient remained well during the follow-up period of two and a half years. In conclusion, in brucellosis endemic regions brucellosis should be included in the diagnostic consideration in patients with acute non-suppurative thyroiditis. Early recognition and adequate treatment of brucella thyroiditis results in favorable outcome.

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