Somatoform Disorders – A Pediatric Experience

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Somatization in children consists of the persistent experience and complaints of somatic distress that cannot be fully explained by a medical diagnosis.

Working at the Psychophysiological Department at the University Clinic we are dealing with more than 100 children per year manifesting this kind of disorders.

The aim of this article is to summarize some specific characteristics of the somatoform disorder in a group of 243 children, mean age 10.31 (± 2.75) years for both genders, selected randomly. The used psychometric instruments are: CBCL, EPQ for children, and MMPI-201 for mothers.

The obtained results showed high scores for somatization, extroversion and accentuated anxiety for children; as well as a typical Hs-Hy personality profile for mothers.

The treatment with cognitive-behavior therapy and biofeedback showed very positive outcome.

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