Emanuel Syndrome (Es): New Case-Report and Review of the Literature/ Емануел Синдром (Es): Презентација На Нов Случај И Преглед На Литературата

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Multiple congenital anomalies and craniofacial dysmorphism are characterizing the so-called Emanuel or supernumerary der(22)t(11;22) syndrome (OMIM609029). Mental and developmental retardation are major clinical features. The der(22) may arise from a parental balanced t(11;22)(q23;q11.2) or can be created de novo.

Here we present a 2 years old boy with normal prenatal history, cyanotic at delivery and with ear anomalies, a preauricular tag, high-arched palate and micrognathia. There were neither microcephaly, nor heart or kidney defects. Psychological and motor testing at the age of 2 years confirmed significant mental and developmental delay. In addition, the child had seizures and an abnormal electroencephalogram. Cytogenetic and molecular analyses revealed a karyotype 47,XY,+der(22)t(11;22)(q23;q11.2). As parents refused further tests it could not be determined if the der(22) arose de novo or was parentally derived.

Overall the present report should alert physician to offer cytogenetic and/or molecular diagnostics in comparable cases.

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