RealText-lex: A Lexicalization Framework for RDF Triples

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The online era has made available almost cosmic amounts of information in the public and semi-restricted domains, prompting development of corresponding host of technologies to organize and navigate this information. One of these developing technologies deals with encoding information from free form natural language into a structured form as RDF triples. This representation enables machine processing of the data, however the processed information can not be directly converted back to human language. This has created a need to be able to lexicalize machine processed data existing as triples into a natural language, so that there is seamless transition between machine representation of information and information meant for human consumption. This paper presents a framework to lexicalize RDF triples extracted from DBpedia, a central interlinking hub for the emerging Web of Data. The framework comprises of four pattern mining modules which generate lexicalization patterns to transform triples to natural language sentences. Among these modules, three are based on lexicons and the other works on extracting relations by exploiting unstructured text to generate lexicalization patterns. A linguistic accuracy evaluation and a human evaluation on a sub-sample showed that the framework can produce patterns which are accurate and emanate human generated qualities.

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