A new genus and four new species of sea cucumbers (Echinodermata) from Admiralty Bay, King George Island

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Four new Antarctic holothuroid species are described for specimens from Admiralty Bay in King George Island. A new genus Dendrelasia O’Loughlin is erected for new cucumariid species Dendrelasia sicinski with dendrochirotid body form and elasipodid− type spinous rod ossicles. Cucumariid Staurocucumis krzysztofi has bowl ossicles predominantly with marginal teeth. Provisionally−assigned thyonid Allothyone presleri has table ossicles with spires comprising predominantly four pillars. Molpadiid Molpadia magdae has a prickly cover of irregular table ossicle spires and fusiform table discs in both body wall and tail. Staurocucumis liouvillei (Vaney) is a “species complex”

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