Analysis of recent coastline evolution due to marine reclamation projects in the Qinzhou Bay

Prof. Youxi Yan 1 , 2 , Mast. Zhongqiu Zhang 3 , Ph. D. Chunling Wang 3 , Ph. D. Leilei Zhang 3 , Mast. Yingna Huang 3 , and Mast. Jihong Zhang 3
  • 1 Qinzhou University, , Qinzhou, China
  • 2 The Key Laboratory of Coastal Science and Engineering, Beibu Gulf, Guangxi, , Qinzhou , China
  • 3 Qinzhou University, , Qinzhou, China


Intense marine reclamation activities bring obvious benefits, meanwhile, these activities also influence the coastal natural formation, hydrodynamic processes and water environment etc. In order to investigate the exact influence in the Qinzhou Bay brought by marine reclamation behaviors in recent years, based on the remote sensing image data in the Qinzhou Bay in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014, with the help of GIS and RS software, the thesis interprets Qinzhou Bay coastline and artificial reclamation by man-machine interaction and makes quantitative analysis in the Qinzhou Bay coast evolution recently. The results show: (1) Qinzhou Bay coastal morphology change degree was strong in 2006 - 2012 and the coastline changed greatly. Originally part of the natural shore segments which had twists and turns were gradually filled into artificial coast, the coast constantly advanced to the sea, coastline became regular and straight; (2) The change degree of coastline was relatively small in 2006-2008, the average artificial coastline increased 8.86 km/a, the average artificial reclamation area was 20.79 km2 /a; in 2008-2012, the change range of coastline was the greatest, coastline changed most severely, the average artificial coastline increased 16.07 km/a, the average artificial reclamation area was 58.52 km2 /a; however, in 2012-2014, coastline change degree relatively slowed, the average artificial coastline increased 4.04 km per year, the average artificial reclamation area was 3.464 km2 /a. (3) Compared to the studies of predecessors, the innovation of this paper is that it is the first to carry out the detailed research on coastline evolution caused by reclamation engineerings of the Qinzhou Bay, then formed the change results on coastline that caused by intense human activities in the Qinzhou Bay, provided the area of the marine environment protection with full and accurate data.

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