General Concerns Life-Cycle Design of Economical Ice-Resistant Structures in the Bohai Sea

Prof. Dr. Da-yong Zhang 1 , Ph. D. Song-song Yu 1 , and Prof. Dr. Qian-jin Yue 1
  • 1 Dalian University of Technology, , Dalian, China


In China, the oil and natural gas resources of Bohai Bay are mainly marginal oil fields. It is necessary to build both iceresistant and economical offshore platforms. However, there are many risks during the life cycle of offshore platforms due to the imperfect preliminary design for the Bohai Sea economical ice-resistant structures. As a result, the whole life-cycle design should be considered, including plan, design, construction, management and maintenance design. Based on the demand of existing codes and research of the basic design, structural ice-resistant performance and the reasonable management and maintenance, the life-cycle design theory is discussed. It was concluded that the life-cycle cost-effective optimum design proposed will lead to a minimum risk.

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