Internet Photogrammetry for Inspection of Seaports

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This paper intends to point out the possibility of using Internet photogrammetry to construct 3D models from the images obtained by means of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The solutions may be useful for the inspection of ports as to the content of cargo, transport safety or the assessment of the technical infrastructure of port and quays. The solution can be a complement to measurements made by using laser scanning and traditional surveying methods. In this paper the authors recommend a solution useful for creating 3D models from images acquired by the UAV using non-metric images from digital cameras. The developed algorithms, created and presented software allows to generate 3D models through the Internet in two modes: anaglyph and display in shutter systems. The problem of 3D image generation in photogrammetry is solved by using epipolar images. The appropriate method was presented by Kreiling in 1976. However, it applies to photogrammetric images for which the internal orientation is known. In the case of digital images obtained with non-metric cameras it is required to use another solution based on the fundamental matrix concept, introduced by Luong in 1992. In order to determine the matrix which defines the relationship between left and right digital image it is required to have at least eight homologous points. To determine the solution it is necessary to use the SVD (singular value decomposition). By using the fundamental matrix the epipolar lines are determined, which makes the correct orientation of images making stereo pairs, possible. The appropriate mathematical bases and illustrations are included in the publication.

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