Investigation on Feedstock Preparation for Micro-Cemented Carbide Injection Molding

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This research was focused on mixing of submicron cemented carbide (WC-Co-VC) powder and binder. WC-Co-VC powder particle size and morphology were analyzed by laser diffraction and field emission scanning electron microscopy. The WC-Co-VC powder was kneaded with a paraffin wax based binder system. Based on critical solid loading, the feedstock with different solid loadings between 49 to 51 vol.% was prepared. Finally, the flow behavior of different feedstocks was investigated. Morphology of powder revealed that the particles of powder are slightly agglomerated and irregular in shape. The result of mixing indicted that the torque value increases as the solid loading increase from 49 vol.% to 51 vol.%. The feedstock exhibited homogeneity and the powder particles are homogenously coated with binder. The feedstock with solid loading of 51 vol.% is sensitive to temperature and showed high viscosity values. The feedstock with solid loadings of 49 and 50 vol.% had good compatibility and flow characteristics.

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