Investigating Post-partum Ovarian Cyclicity Following Various Treatments in Dairy Cows

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The present study envisages the effect of PGF and antibiotic treatment on ovarian cyclic activity and regression of corpus luteum verum in post-partum dairy cows. Cows were divided into three treatment (PG8, PG25, antibiotic) and a control group. Ovarian activity was studied by examining follicular dynamics upto 42 days post-partum in which diameter of dominant follicle before first ovulation, the number of days to first ovulation and complete regression of corpus luteum verum were evaluated. Body condition score was recorded for all the cows in different groups. Also, ovulation on ovary ipsilateral or contralateral to previous gravid uterine horn was noted. On transrectal ultrasonography at a 3-day interval, dominant follicle diameter prior to ovulation was significantly higher (p<0.01) in PG8 group. The mean time required for complete regression of CL verum was not significantly (p>0.05) lower in PG8 group i.e. 24.33±1.48 days in comparison to PG25, antibiotic and control group (26.67±1.48, 29.00±1.81and 27.60±1.40 days post-partum, respectively). A subsequent ovarian activity was affected as 70.83 and 66.33% Ist and IInd ovulations occurred on the ovary contralateral to corpus luteum verum. In conclusion, contralateral ovary was more active in terms of ovulation whereas presence of corpus luteum verum had no effect on post-partum ovarian cyclic activity.

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