Use of Modelling Approach in evaluation of Fractured Shale Aquifers for irrigation purpose; a case study of Oju, Lower Benue Trough Nigeria

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Groundwater samples were evaluated for irrigation purpose, within selected part of Oju area of Benue State, Nigeria. The study area lies within Asu River Group of the Lower Benue Trough, southern part of Nigeria. Physicochemical parameters were analyzed using APHA, 2012 method. Results from the study showed that pH falls within slightly basic to acidic, with Ec value ranging from 127 to 760 μS/cm, SSP ranges from 1.53 to 43.78, Sodium Percentage ranges from 1.55 to 77.8 %, Kelly Ratio ranges from 0.01 to 0.77, Magnesium Absorption Ratio ranges from 0.00 to 61.98 and total hardness Total Hardness ranges from 72.00 to 425.5 within the study area. The above listed parameters were below various permissible standard value for irrigation except for MAR at LBT/04, Na % at LBT/09, 13 and 14, SAR at 01 and 04 and TH at LBT/04 that were slightly above various permissible standard values. From Gibbs plot it was observed that rock dominance is the major factor that influences groundwater except for few sampling point were precipitation dominance was observed to have influence on groundwater within the study area.

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