Adsorption of propan-1-ol vapour on Sorbonorit 4 activated carbon – equilibrium and dynamic studies

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The study examined the adsorption of propan-1-ol (1PN) vapour on Sorbonorit 4 (S4) activated carbon in cyclic Electrothermal Temperature Swing Adsorption (ETSA) process. Dynamic adsorption capacity and breakthrough time were determined based on column studies. Thomas model was used to describe experimental breakthrough curves. Adsorption isotherms for 1PN vapour on S4 activated carbon were tested at 293 to 413 K. The experimental data were examined by using three multi-temperature isotherm models: Toth, Sips and hybrid Langmuir-Sips. Results indicate that S4 activated carbon is a heterogeneous adsorbent and the hybrid Langmuir-Sips model provides the best-fit experimental data. The energy requirement for 1PN electrothermal desorption from S4 bed (ca. 170–200 kJ/mol) was about 3 to 3.5 times larger than the isosteric heat of adsorption (56.8 kJ/mol), which was calculated using Toth adsorption isotherm.

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