Frequency of Thermal Inversions Between Siret and Prut Rivers in 2013

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Temperature inversions represent complex phenomena, specific for depression forms of relief which introduce changes in vertical zoning (Apăvăloae, Apostle, Pîrvulescu, 1986 by stable air stratification (Erhan, 1981), because of their morphological features, this is due to the interdependence of general movement and characteristics of the active surface, being the cause of their production (Apăvăloae, et. al., 1984, 1986, 1987). The generation of thermal inversions, their intensity and frequency is a consequence of altitude topography, morphology, fragmentation, orientation and degree of closure to external drives. (Apăvăloae, Apostle, Pîrvulescu, 1988). Thermal inversions represent complex phenomena, specific to depression landforms that introduce changes within the vertical zoning (Apăvăloae, Apostol, Pîrvulescu, 1986) by stable air stratification (Matveev, 1958, Erhan, 1981, Yinghui Liu, 2002) where vertical thermal gradient is negative (Matveev, 1958), due to their morphological features, also as a consequence of the interdependance of general circulation and characteristics of the active surface, the cause of their generation (Apăvăloae, et. al., 1984, 1986, 1987).

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