Transformation Through CLC with the Continuous Research Techniques - GIS (Open Code) and RS (Geo-Web Services)

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Land cover has always been and still it is one of the main challenges in the field of geography. This study will be focused on “experimentation” of one of the most modern techniques of our time, becoming irreplaceable standard for decision-making in matters of land cover and the square method. Here we are talking about the standard named: CORINE Land Cover, a technique for describing the land cover, initiated by the European Union in 1985. More precisely part of this paper will be the principles of this technique and their practical application, by doing a research through these techniques for specific areas. CORINE Land Cover will be used to explain the coverage area while the square method will be used for the division of the research area. The research area has been designed through random method. In this study are given three study areas along the coastline with an area of 100 km2, by making the entire research area of 300 km2. Each “main” area is divided in sub-areas of 100 ha, while each of these sub-areas is divided into smaller squares with equal area of 1 ha.

There are two “main experiments” in this paper:

1. Land cover technique – to design the minimum research area we used the method of square, while for explaining the coverage we used CORINE Land Cover nomenclature.

2. Technology to implement the technique – we used the so called open source GIS software and for satellite images we used Google geo-web service.

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