Diagnostic System for Induction Motor Stator Winding Faults Based on Axial Flux

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The article presents the results of research on the use of an axial flux in the diagnostics of induction motor stator winding fed by a frequency converter. Voltage signal waveforms proportional to the axial flux were recorded during motor operation under various conditions and were analyzed with regard to the detection of stator winding short circuits. The taps of the selected coil turns of stator phases were introduced into the tested motor, which allowed to physical modelling inter-turn short circuits. The structure and operation of the computer system used to monitor the state of induction motor windings were discussed. The developed diagnostic system was made in the National Instruments LabVIEW environment. The analysis of faults of the axial flux was made in the detection of induction motor stator winding. The results of experimental research conducted using the developed diagnostic system have also been presented.

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