Safe choice of structural steels in a region of ultra-high number of load cycles

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In this paper the authors introduce their own selected experimental results in the field of the investigation of fatigue resistance of structural steels. The experiments were carried out on the nine structural steels including high strength steels, DOMEX 700MC, HARDOX 400, HARDOX 450, 100Cr6 (UTS from 446 MPa to 2462 MPa) at high-frequency cyclic loading (f = 20 kHz, T = 20 ± 5 °C, R = -1) in the region of number cycles ranged from N ≈ 2×106 to N ≈ 2×109 cycles of loading. The continuous decrease of fatigue strength in dependence on the number of loading cycles was observed with the average value of ratio σa2×109/σa2×106 = 0.69.

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