Irregular operation of autonomous vehicles


Today, with the spread of autonomous functions in vehicles, the role accountability for causing accidents is emphasized. Self-guided functions work in certain traffic situations, but accidents happen, and, therefore, the following article presents an analysis of the issue. Its purpose is to show that vehicles with self-drive functionality do not provide the driver's level of safety that vehicle manufacturers suggest. In this article, four recent events and an analysis whether these accidents could have been avoided a human driver or how they could have happened with appropriate self-drive function. In each of the investigated cases, vehicles equipped with self-drive function are involved. Based on the evaluation and assessment of accidents, conclusions are drawn whether current self-propelled vehicles provide the safety level that drivers and society expect from these vehicles. The reconstruction of the accident process is illustrated with the help of a vehicle simulation program, with the resultant parameters being given a special emphasis, in particular to the avoidance of the accident.

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