The evaluation of wear of tungsten carbide dental bur

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Due to its durability, tungsten carbide has long been used as a material to produce dental burs. WC– Co burs are designed for smooth, efficient cutting and extended life. Dental burs are available in different sizes and shapes, for example round burs, pear and cylinder-shaped, egg-shaped, as well as there are various tapered ones, which enable an individual selection of the drill for the right treatment. Carbides can be used for standard crowns and bridges, for extensive surgical procedures and they should minimize damage to the existing teeth. The design of WC–Co dental bur reduces a patient’s discomfort because of the operating time and the fact that its liquidity is preserved. The head of the bur (the cutting edge) delivers optimum concentricity and strength. The shank is made from stainless steel allowing a bur to be autoclaved multiple times without the risk of corrosion. The main purpose of this study was to evaluate the wear of a tungsten carbide dental bur. The results of stereoscopy microscope and SEM/EDS analysis are presented.

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