Overview of the main methods of service quality analysis

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Everyone, every day or almost every day, uses various type of services, without being even aware of it. They could have been both intangible and material services. Customers want to receive services of the highest quality, and service providers are looking for solutions to meet their requirements. They can analyze the quality of their services to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of these services to know what needs to be improved and what can be omitted. In the literature on the quality engineering, many methods that can be used in such a situation are described. In most cases, these methods are based on the differences between customers’ expectations for the service and the perception of the service which they received. In case of most of these method, there is a need of information from customers about research service, which means that they are involved in this process. In the paper five methods of quality service analysis, which are the most often used by service enterprises, were briefly characterizes to help readers to choose the most accurate one for them.

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