Influence of load and reinforcement content on selected tribological properties of Al/SiC/Gr hybrid composites

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Hybrid materials with the metal matrix are important engineering materials due to their outstanding mechanical and tribological properties. Here are presented selected tribological properties of the hybrid composites with the matrix made of aluminum alloy and reinforced by the silicon carbide and graphite particles. The tribological characteristics of such materials are superior to characteristics of the matrix – the aluminum alloy, as well as to characteristics of the classical metal-matrix composites with a single reinforcing material. Those characteristics depend on the volume fractions of the reinforcing components, sizes of the reinforcing particles, as well as on the fabrication process of the hybrid composites. The considered tribological characteristics are the friction coefficient and the wear rate as functions of the load levels and the volume fractions of the graphite and the SiC particles. The wear rate increases with increase of the load and the Gr particles content and with reduction of the SiC particles content. The friction coefficient increases with the load, as well as with the SiC particles content increase.

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