Prenatal diagnosis of the right ventricle tumor - case report

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The study case is a foetus with a diagnosed heart tumor in week 23 of pregnancy. The tumor was found in the right ventricle with a concomitant local change of echogenicity of the right atrial wall; it did not cause any haemodynamic disturbances, impair systolic function or disturb inflow into the right ventricle. Foetal check-up in week 30 has shown a complete regression of the lesion in the right ventricular lumen. Because of no foetal movements felt, in week 36 the pregnant patient reported to the hospital where foetal heart asystole was diagnosed and the pregnancy was terminated by labour induction. Foetal autopsy has shown no nodose lesions in the heart or any other lesions which could have been the cause of an abrupt foetal death in utero.

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