Morphometry and Distribution of Senecio Nemorensis agg. Species (Asteraceae) in Poland

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A morphometric analysis based on 316 herbarium specimens of Senecio nemorensis agg. indicated the occurrence of the following four species in Poland: S. germanicus Wallr., S. hercynicus Herborg, S. ovatus (G. Gaertn. et al.) Willd. and S. ucranicus Hodálová. Principal component analysis (PCA), analysis of variance (ANOVA)/Kruskal-Wallis test and canonical discriminant analysis (CDA) were applied. Quantitative characters such as supplementary bract length, leaf base width, ligule length and the supplementary/involucral bract length ratio clearly discriminated taxa within S. nemorensis agg. Included is a distribution map of the investigated species based on the examined material, with particular emphasis on the course of the northeastern boundary of S. hercynicus and the northwestern boundary of S. ucranicus. Also given is a determination key for species within S. nemorensis agg. in Poland, together with morphological descriptions of particular species

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