The Specifics of Use of Composite Materials in Consolidation of Historical Monuments

Vlăescu Daniel 1 , Djordje Krkljus 2 , and Dogaru Petrișor 3
  • 1 , Constanța
  • 2 , Constanta
  • 3 , Constanța


The use of composite systems in protecting, preserving and maintaining historical monuments has become more and more used. There are several consolidation procedures with fiber-reinforced polymeric polymers that can be applied as required or on the basis of the basic material (concrete, masonry, wood, etc.). Besides the many advantages it provides, the application of composite systems in the rehabilitation of heritage buildings and historical monuments requires minimal workmanship. More and more cities are actively involved in the rehabilitation and preservation of heritage buildings and historical monuments by launching good practice guides to preserve local cultural heritage by applying composite elements as robust as possible without the need to modify the overall dimensions of the buildings through a classic covering.

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