Analysis on Variability of Buzau River Monthly Discharges

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The purpose of this article is analysing the variability of Buzau river monthly mean discharges, maximum and minimum over time and the impact of Siriu Dam on these discharges. Keeping a stable, moderate variability on the water flow has a significant importance, as this assures normality of life and functionality of the dams. On another hand, the dams are in-built with a range of parameters, decided according to this variability of the discharges. The used data has been collected from Nehoiu and Basca Roziliei hydrometric stations and spans on 55 years, from 1st January 1955 to 31st December 2010. Mid-period, on 30th September 1984, Siriu Dam started operating and the results reveal that its impact on the variability has been moderate on a large time scale. Important changes appear on smaller time scale, as months. The results are supported by graphs drawn in Excel and methods embedded by software.

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