Aspects on the History of Observations and Measurements in the Black Sea Coastal Zone, Rehabilitation Projects and Marine Modeling Issues

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Over time, the content, scope and objectives of hydrological research in the Romanian Black Sea coastal area varied according to the state of society development, technology development and financial resources. Along with the activities of capitalizing on natural resources, water use, river and sea navigation, there have been demands for knowledge of the water regime and the interaction between the resource potential and the characteristics of the hydrological regime. As a result, hydrographic and hydrological research was started and developed in the Black Sea coastal zone. These researches developed in the first half of the nineteenth century, and then continued throughout this century and later in the twentieth century, with interruptions caused by the two world wars. Among the important activities that have taken place over time, there have been hydro-technical works. The design and elaboration of the projects of these works were based on the knowledge of the hydrographic and hydrological characteristics of the Black Sea coastal zone. This knowledge has evolved over time so that there is currently an important pool of data and information related to the hydrological, morphological, hydrochemical, hydrobiological characteristics of the water bodies mentioned.

The paper presents briefly the most important moments of the history of the monitoring activity carried out over time in the Black Sea coastal zone, the types of coastal and transitional waters in Romania, coastal rehabilitation projects of the Black Sea, hydrological features, the structure of the marine complex model pom / ersem III) BREG / BSHELF.

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