Levels of natural radioactivity in mineral and thermal waters of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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With gamma spectrometric method 23 samples of mineral and thermal waters of Bosnia and Herzegovina were analyzed. Activity concentrations of the investigated radionuclides were in the range 12–346 mBq·L−1 for 40K, 1.1–791 mBq·L−1 for 226Ra, 0.2–221 mBq·L−1 for 228Ra, 13–367 mBq·L−1 for 238U, and 0.6–17 mBq·L−1 for 235U. For all investigated radionuclides annual effective dose was estimated. The estimated total annual committed effective dose received by population as a result of ingestion of water was in the range 0.11–2.51 μSv·y−1 for thermal water and in the range 0.11–38.8 μSv·y−1 for mineral water. Measurement of activity concentrations of natural radionuclides in the examined samples was carried out with a gamma-spectrometer with high-purity germanium (HPGe) detector, having a relative efficiency of 70%.

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