Experimental Research of Self-Ignition Engine Fueled by Mixture of Diesel and Synthetic Fuel

Oleh Klyus 1 , Anna Skarbek-Żabkin 2 , and Nadezhda Zamiatina 3
  • 1 Maritime University of Szczecin, , Poland
  • 2 Motor Transport Institute, , Poland
  • 3 Klaipeda University, , Lithuania


The paper presents the bench tests’ results of a swirl chamber engine fed with a mixture of petroleum and synthetic fuels. Synthetic fuel comes from the processing of polymeric waste and its content in the mixture equaled to 7%. According to the results, the basic operational parameters of the engine did not change significantly. A minor increase in NO2 emissions was observed, which may be explained by the increased combustion temperature. Simultaneously, the reduction of the smoke was obtained.

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