Equipment Exploitation in Power to Gas Installation

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The article presents idea of installation to energy storage in the form of hydrogen – Power to Gas (P2G). The results of laboratory tests carried out at the Silesian University of Technology in the Institute of Power Engineering and Turbomachinery (IMiUE), covering selected aspects of hydrogen generators most frequently used in these types of installations are presented. The influence of water conductivity and temperature during continuous operation of the electrolyzer at constant current value and in operation at variable current on the efficiency of the tested devices are shown. A hydrogen generator equipped with two AEM electrolyzers with a performance of 0.5 Nm3H2/h and a generator containing four PEM electrolyzers connected in series, with a maximum performance of 1.58 Ndm3/min were tested. The efficiency characteristics of the electrolysis process, efficiency of the electrolyzers and changes in the resistance values for both types of electrolyzers were presented. Calculations to estimate effect of temperature change on the efficiency characteristic of AEM electrolyzers were also made.

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