The Impact of the Ban on Spending Weekly Rest in the Vehicle on Transport Planning in the EU

Miloš Poliak PhD. 1 , Patrícia Šimurková 1 , Marek Jaśkiewicz 2 , P. Posuniak 3  and J. Stokłosa 4
  • 1 University of Zilina,
  • 2 Kielce University of Technology, , Poland
  • 3 Automotive Industry Institute (PIMOT), , Poland
  • 4 University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin, , Poland


The working conditions of truck drivers and social legislation are both topical and political issues in the field of road freight transport. The contribution outlines problems which are linked to the observance of the ban on weekly rest in the vehicle. Based on the judgment, the Court of Justice of the European Union explicitly forbids drivers to take their regular weekly rest in the vehicle. The contribution identifies the impact of the ban on spending weekly rest in the vehicle on transport planning in the EU. The aim of the contribution is also to highlight the existing problems in international road freight transport sector in connection with insufficient number of truck parks with accommodation.

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