Media debates on freedom of expression and multiculturalism

Elisabeth Eide 1 , Maria Kjølstad 1 ,  and Anja Naper 1
  • 1 Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA), Norway


This article analyses the mainstream press coverage of the terror in Norway post 22.07.2011 and discusses how and in what context the concepts of freedom of expression and multiculturalism occur. The aim has been to map important discursive trends in the aftermath of the terror. A clear division between different victim positions is identified. One blames majority society for not granting enough space to extreme right wing views on Islam and diversity/ multiculturalism; another one sees the terror connected to a majority society that already has demonstrated a high degree of hostility towards migrants and Muslims. Thus, two different understandings of the status for freedom of expression in Norway occur, linked to differing positions on the diversity society.

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