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Nordic Journal of Dance

Practice, education and research

Nordic Journal of Dance – practice, education and research was established in 2010 within a network called DENN: Dance in Education Nordic Network

The goals and values of DENN are:

Bringing together expertise across borders, sharing ideas about pedagogical strategies and concrete methods, promoting exchange in dance teacher training across the Nordic countries, promoting dialogue, opening doors and collaborating.”

The DENN network aimed at establishing a Nordic Journal of dance practice, research, containing both peer reviewed research articles, and practice related articles from the field of dance in education in general, in a Nordic context. Nordic Journal of Dance is thus a Nordic collaboration between researchers within dance, dance history, pedagogy, artistic research and more, connected to relevant institutions in all the Nordic countries. These researchers are all represented in the editorial board.

The purpose of the journal is to: Develop the quality of dance practice, education and research in the Nordic context. Exchanging experiences and knowledges in the doing, learning and teaching of dance/movement. Strengthening the Nordic perspective on movement, dance and education. Giving researchers a place to present their work and increasing the quality of publications within dance research.

Nordic Journal of Dance represents one of very few opportunities for researchers to publish their work. It is the only journal focusing on dance research in a Nordic context. Our impression is that it has a substantial impact. NOFOD – Nordic Forum for Dance Research is also a collaborator, having two representatives in the editorial board.

Instructions for Authors

The articles submitted for publication are firstly discussed within the editorial board. If the board finds an article ready for a peer review process, a responsible editor is appointed, and peer reviewers suggested. The responsible editor will contact suggested peer reviewers. The peer reviewers are experts on the topic of the specific article. Peer reviewers are typically employed in an institution for higher education and herself/himself a researcher.


No charges.

Managing Editor
Anette Sture Iversen, SANS – Senter for dansepraksis, Norway

Editorial Advisory Board and editors
Eeva Anttila, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
Leena Rouhiainen, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
Katarina Lion, University of the Arts Stcokholm, Sweden
Elisabet Stöstedt-Edelholm, University of the Arts, Stockholm
Franziska Bork Petersen, Roskilde University, Denmark
Hilde Rustad, School of Arts, Design and Media, Norway
Elizabeth Svarstad, Freelance, Norway
Sesselja Magnusdóttir, Reykjavik Academy, Iceland

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