Tools for Increasing Safety Awareness in Higher Education


There comes a time in the life of every family when their child becomes an adult and sets out to put themselves to a great test: undertaking further studies in higher education institutions. But can we really use the word adult for these youngsters? Seen from a teacher’s point of view, we surely cannot: we see them every day, and it is obvious that they are still very much children. And if we think deeper, we can understand it, we too were once freshmen. When parents let their children go out into a world that is yet unknown to them, the most important concern is their safety. Security consciousness is appearing in many places in higher education. Getting to the school, living in hostels, the rent, the whole environment, the list is endless. But we should mention something that has become an integral part of the new world, which is freedom, and the lack of parental control. Many simply cannot handle this and get carried away, some people just can’t say no to a friend’s invitation. And there is yet another serious source of danger; the Internet. Social media pages, email accounts, video sharing channels, etc. that keep appearing and refreshing. All are potential sources of attack, and if we don’t have sufficient means of protection, youngsters can easily fall prey.

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